Mother nature hasn't done her part to deliver snow, but I still liked the ski area. It would be awesome with more and better snow. Although short on snow, what they had was well maintained. Fair price for a day of skiing. Regularly I believe it would be $52. Since only about half open, $47. Nice friendly people. A little off the beaten path, but on a powder day, I would go there again.

★★★★★ | Donald Schrade

Took my 7 yr old on the bunny hill then up chairs 1 and 2 to go down Meadow. She loved it and loved her lesson. Beautiful scenery, great powder, short lines for the chairs, reasonable prices and fun that the mountain straddles Idaho and Montana. Love that this place is in my backyard

★★★★★ | Jonathan Schmitt

Great snow today! Love the jumps they build. Only complaint is that they haven't figured out how to get rid of the rope tow at the bottom of powder bowl.

★★★★★ | David Trihey

Great slopes and a fun time.

★★★★★ | Alex Gush

What a wonderful place to go skiing. It is so beautiful up there and natural.

★★★★★ | Geoffrey Chapla

Powder all over this mountain. Lots of untouched paths and groomers. $49 a day! Get there!

★★★★★ | Israel West

Always enjoy our trips to lost trail. Good snow, nice people.

★★★★★ | Kace Doornbos

Best ski resort in Montana
Wonderful snow and nice long runs. Plan to spend more than a day here.

★★★★★ | Derek Miller

I thought when we left Utah, we would leave the best snow in the world. Wrong! Lost trail has the best powder! And on top of that it has such a warm family feel. We love the mountain and the people!

★★★★★ | Heidi Apedaile

Yes yes and YES! Lift tickets are relatively inexpensive compared with other ski slopes in Montana ($49 bucks!!!). and the snow at Lost trail is AWESOME! There's something about where they are located geographically that makes for the right kind of amazing for the perfect powder! Amazing views, a quaint lodge and super awesome ski patrol!

★★★★★ | Jenny Paul