Lost Trail Snowsports School
All Mountain Team Program

Dates: 1/6/2018 or 1/7/2018 Through 2/17/2018 or 2/18/2018
Address________________ City_________ ST______ Zip________
Phone____________________ E-mail________________________
I am a Skier________ I am a Snowboarder__________
If returning, who was your instructor:__________________________
Describe your SKIING on moderate slopes (Skiers check one)
Wedge turns
Wide stance parallel
Narrow parallel, but open to turn
Narrow parallel
Skiers and Boarders (please be as accurate as possible), I ride:
All green runs yes___ no___
All blue runs yes___ no___
Most black runs yes___ no___
Please check appropriate blocks:
I am applying for full program (coach and lifts) $250.00 ____ enclosed.
I have season pass #_________(coach only) $175.00 ____ enclosed.
I will be attending on Saturdays______ Sundays______
If, in case of injury to my child, while participating in the Lost Trail Ski School All Mtn. Program, during the
hours of 10 am and 3pm, I am authorizing medical treatment recommended by the Lost Trail Ski Patrol and
attending physicians. Actions may include winter emergency care treatment, transport to ski area medical
facilities, transport to Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital and treatment by the attending E.R. physician.
I realize that skiing, like any sport, has inherent risk for injury. In case of injury, I will not hold Lost Trail Ski &
Board School or Lost Trail Ski Area responsible.
Parent or Guardian Signature_______________________________
Mail to:
Lost Trail Snowsports School
Chris Miller, Director
PO Box 441
Hamilton, MT 59840

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