Operating Policies and Procedures:

Lift openings and closures are subject to change without notice.

In case of inclement weather, Lost Trail Ski Area may be forced to shut down the lift(s) and/or close the mountain for the safety of guests and employees alike. No refunds will be given.

No refunds will be given for line wait times.

Items left unattended may be stolen or taken by mistake. Lost Trail Ski Area will not be responsible for any stolen or damaged property. You may file a lost item report in the office or a complaint with the police department in the case of stolen items.

Privacy Policy

Lost Trail Ski Area shall not provide customer information to any third parties other than for the purposes of processing of payment.

Lost Trail Ski Area Unmanned Aerial Drone Policy

Out of safety concerns for our guests, employees and company property, Lost Trail Ski Area prohibits the operation or use of unmanned aerial systems or aerial drones by the general public including recreational users and hobbyists.

This prohibition on drone use extends to any drones launched or operated from ski area property as well as incoming drones launched from private property outside of the Lost Trail Ski Area boundaries.

Any violation of this policy may involve suspension of your skiing or snowboarding privileges. Violators will be liable for any damages, including but not limited to, physical or personal injuries, property damage as well as damages for violations of privacy, regulatory fines and legal fees.