Lost Trail Ski Patrol

Lost Trail Ski Patrol

The Lost Trail Ski Patrol (LTSP) is a volunteer ski patrol. It is currently comprised of 56 registered National Ski Patrol (NSP) individuals. The mission of LTSP is to provide NSP-certified Outdoor Emergency Care at the highest level of quality to the skiing public. The LTSP volunteers work together as a team, where each member is recognized for their own unique skill sets. LTSP members are friendly, supportive and promote the family-oriented atmosphere Lost Trail is so well known. During the off-season, LTSPers frequently volunteer their first-aid expertise for local triathlons and other community-oriented outdoor sporting events. Visit the LTSP website to learn more about one of the West’s best SKI PATROL www.losttrailskipatrol.com

Want to join the LTSP?

The LTSP is always looking for good, friendly volunteers who enjoy working well with others and want to help the skiing public. To learn more about how to join the LTSP visit: http://www.losttrailskipatrol.com/display.asp?page=join

Want to donate to LTSP?

Fundraising and donations are the primary mechanisms by which our non-profit, volunteer LTSP purchase first aid supplies and improve our first aid response to the public. Donations are always welcome and appreciated. If you would like to learn more and how to contribute to the LTSP Mission visit: http://www.losttrailskipatrol.com/display.asp?page=Donation